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When your customers want Cloud: Bring in the experts for free with a Quest Cloud Feasibility Assessment

With all the hype these days about Cloud computing , it can be easy to forget two very important facts:

  1. Not all Clouds are created equal. Different types of Clouds — say, public versus private versus hybrid — have different capabilities and limitations. What’s more, some Cloud providers do a better job than others of building the best Cloud infrastructure and maintaining an ability to customize it to meet customer requirements.
  2. Not all applications and data belong in a Cloud environment.

Your customers may understand this in principle — but translating these truths to their current situations takes skill and experience.

Which is where Quest comes in. We can help you help your customers understand the best ways for them to benefit from Cloud computing with a no-charge Quest Cloud Feasibility Assessment.

Conducting a Quest Cloud Feasibility Assessment is easy. Our Cloud experts simply accompany you to a meeting with your customer, where they will …

  • Review which IT capabilities your customer is considering for the Cloud,
  • Figure out what sort of service availability is necessary for your customer’s business, and
  • Determine what levels of security, privacy, and compliance mandates your customer must meet.

In our experience — and it’s substantial — customers benefit greatly from the opportunity to have an honest, wide-ranging discussion of their IT environment and how it can and cannot be improved by Cloud computing. Especially when they can talk with providers interested in a sustained, long-term relationship, providers who understand that their success depends on the customer’s success.

And I think you’ll find that your customers will just love that they can get a Cloud Feasibility Assessment for free .

Meet the Author
Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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