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NASPO ValuePoint Supplier Partner

NASPO ValuePoint Supplier Partner

NASPO ValuePoint

Simplify Procurement!

About NASPO ValuePoint

The NASPO ValuePoint Cooperative Purchasing Organization (formerly WSCA-NASPO) provides the highest standard of excellence in public cooperative contracting. By leveraging the leadership and expertise of all states with the purchasing power of their public entities, NASPO ValuePoint delivers the best value, most reliable, competitively-sourced contracts. Since 1993 NASPO ValuePoint or its predecessor has been the cooperative purchasing arm of NASPO (the National Association of State Procurement Officials) encouraging, fostering, and guiding the nation’s most significant public contract cooperative. NASPO ValuePoint is a unified, nationally-focused cooperative aggregating the demand of all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the organized United States territories, their political subdivisions, and other eligible entities, spurring the best value, innovation, and competition in the marketplace.

Quest’s Contract for Cloud Solutions AR2505

Quest is a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider and aggregator of cloud solutions across a wide spectrum such as Fraud Detection as a Service, Fuel Management Software, Backup as a Service, Security as a Service, Storage as a Service, Training as a Service and many others.

If there is a SaaS service offering that is needed, please contact us and we will help you source it through our NASPO ValuePoint contract AR2505 for Cloud Solutions.

For the current price list and solutions summary please visit Quest’s profile on the NASPO ValuePoint website.

What do you get?

  • Standardized pricing
  • Streamlined purchasing process
  • Bid/RFP document preparation eliminated
  • Reliable service from an approved vendor
  • Confidence in the purchasing process

Becoming a Quest Fulfillment Partner

Want to get your SaaS solution to a nationwide government audience and avoid procurement challenges? Become a Quest Fulfillment Partner. You maintain your client relationships and full control over the procurement process.

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