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5 Ways BaaS and DRaaS Build the Strategic Value of IT

Unlock the strategic value of IT with BaaS and DRaaS

The next generation of data protection and business continuity assurance from Quest and Veeam BaaS and DRaaS have emerged as strategies that organizations of all sizes can leverage to protect their data from threats of all kinds, wherever it may reside.

The true benefits of cloud‑based data protection, however, emerge when IT professionals are freed up from redundant or emergency tasks and can fully focus on meeting business goals and planning for the future.

Download this FREE e-book and learn about the ways that companies like yours use Veeam-powered backup and DR services to unlock the true strategic value of IT.

Highlights include:

  • Industry best practices for backup and recovery to reduce risks to your overall business
  • Why sourcing data protection expertise and services from a service provider, like Quest, can help you stay ahead of the competition
  • Strategies for staying resilient in the face of attacks of all kinds, from all directions, and why this matters

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