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External Cybersecurity Scan

External Cybersecurity Scan

Navy Evolve

Evolve MGA & Quest Technology Management
Complimentary External Cybersecurity Scan

As a distinguished Integrated Services Partner of Evolve MGA, Quest offers four decades of unrivaled cybersecurity and Information Technology expertise you can trust in ensuring your systems, policies, and workstreams remain fortified against cyber threats.

Made for you: Quest’s Complimentary External Cybersecurity Scan

In cooperation with Evolve MGA, Quest Technology Management is pleased to offer a no-charge external cybersecurity scan of your public facing systems as seen from a “hackers view” to help identify and remediate potential security vulnerabilities.

How it Works

Using open-source intelligence, Quest’s non-intrusive external scans amass highly accurate information from hundreds of data sources, requiring no interaction whatsoever with your company. With access to massive databases our system can utilize over a billion historical items related to your company and related domains to produce an easy-to-read report using letter-grade results to identify potential risks translated into relevant business concepts, delivered and summarized to you by a Quest subject matter expert during a personalized review.

Minimal Time Commitment Required

As the data collection and report are highly automated, minimal time commitment is required on your part. Upon initiation of your request, Quest will initiate a brief 15-minute introductory call to validate the scope of your interest, including your primary and affiliated companies, as well as competitors for a stack ranking of where you stand versus others in your market. After several days of collecting data, the Quest team will coordinate a personalized 1-hour session to review the results of your scan with the appropriate members of your team to provide insight and actionable activities to reduce your exposure and risk.

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