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The importance of professional network cabling and wiring services

It’s very likely that your IT infrastructure plays a central role in your business. Your computers, printers, phones, wireless access points, and surveillance and alarm systems are all networked and connected by cables and wires. Professional network cabling and wiring services can help most companies optimize the infrastructure that keeps their communications and the rest of their technology’s lifeblood flowing.

Consider the fact that your cabling absolutely determines the speed of your network. Even with the fastest servers and switches, if your cable is rated for 100 MB, that is how fast your network will be. As manufacturers of data and VoIP network servers and switches build hardware that delivers faster transmission speeds with every product upgrade, network cabling, and wiring infrastructure becomes even more important.

There are some straightforward questions that can help you determine whether your company would benefit from partnering with a network cabling services provider. Do you have a conference or training room that requires predictably fast Internet speed? Is your executive suite a space where communications and technology infrastructure are business requirements? Does your network contain sensitive data, such as customer or employee information?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, and if you also rely on cloud-based applications, video, voice, and/or network-connected tools, then a wiring and cabling services provider can help you put together a comprehensive strategy to make your IT work best for you.

Photo of a man examining a tablet computer with a rack sprouting blue cables in the foreground

The Basics of Building a Solid IT Infrastructure

A network cabling and wiring services provider can address every aspect of the physical layer of your IT infrastructure. That involves planning and design, selection of appropriate components, and installation that guarantees successful implementation. Infrastructure services providers can install systems for both existing and future network requirements and are equipped with up-to-date technologies that ensure you have a robust network foundation. 

Most importantly, an infrastructure services provider with expertise in cabling and wiring services can put your IT infrastructure’s physical layer in the hands of trained and certified professionals. They will begin your engagement by performing a survey to gather the necessary requirements for both your technology needs and your business compliance needs. They can provide recommendations based on manufacturers’ standards and their experience and everyday working knowledge of this space.

Ideally, your chosen network cabling and wiring services provider will be able to deliver each of the following:

  • Site planning and technology design
  • Data center design and build
  • Structured network and voice cabling
  • Single and multi-mode fiber optic installation
  • Secure network equipment transport
  • Documentation, rack, and stack equipment
  • Audit and remediation of existing environments
  • Low voltage cabling for the active equipment
  • Moves, adds, changes, and maintenance support of existing systems
  • Testing and certification of fiber and data cabling

Whether you are building a new facility, rewiring your existing campus, installing cables and wires at a remote office, or migrating to a new network, server, or phone system, it can be extremely cost-effective to work with a technology management company. The best service providers also offer ongoing routine maintenance and emergency support to ensure that your system performs at its peak 24/7/365.

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Major Project Management vs. One Click or Call

Whatever your industry or sector, working with a professional network cabling and wiring services provider can improve the backbone of your business’s technology with one click or call. By crossing this potentially complicated and expensive item off your to-do list, you are free to focus your company’s attention on your core business needs.

I hope you found this information helpful. As always, contact us anytime about your technology needs.

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