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IT professional services: Help figuring out what you need to heed

IT Professional Services by Quest

Across most enterprises — even the very small — information technology is changing how business is done. Ignoring or rejecting these technologies merely puts your organization behind the competitive eight-ball.

But knowing which technologies to pay attention to — and when — depends on such factors as the economic sector in which your business operates, financial constraints, your appetite for risk, your thirst for opportunity, and a whole lot more. Add up all these factors and the resulting mix is entirely unique. Now you have to figure out the impact those large waves of technological change will have.

Here’s where a reliable IT professional services provider can make all the difference.

Riding the technology waves

IT professional services experts understand the technology waves you need to heed, which include:

Mobility. No enterprise will escape the demands of those wishing to interact via mobile devices.

Drowning in analytics. The so-called rise of Big Data concerns more than the sheer amount of data your organization now collects. It’s also about the very big insights popping out of solid analyses of all that data — and this takes IT consulting expertise you may not have.

Cloud apps. Odds are your business is doing plenty of cloud computing already — but how efficiently? How reliably? How much lurks beyond the reach of your IT people, exposing sensitive data and apps? Could there be ways to integrate some of your various “as-a-service” subscriptions?

Security. The notion that you can duck hackers is an illusion. So how effective is your security?

Business continuity. Although 75% of small businesses survive the immediate aftermath of a disaster, 90% will close within two years. Your best bet to avoid such a fate: Commit to a business continuity/disaster recovery plan built by a business continuity consulting expert.

Staffing. Even as some jobs disappear in the latest puff of automation, others emerge. Chances are, for instance, you’re struggling to find the right IT expertise for the (less than fulltime) period you need it. Solid professional consulting services can help.

The view from the helicopter. Fast-paced technological change has long-term implications best understood from a distance — and with the technical knowledge and assessments of professional consulting services. IT consulting experts especially can help you get a bird’s-eye view of all the IT activities in your enterprise to spot weaknesses, improve performance, and identify new opportunities.

Help how, when, and where you need it

Some of today’s technological waves, you’ll decide, are worth harnessing. Others you must decide how to best endure with minimal disruption. Figuring out which is critical. Let an experienced IT professional services firm help you.

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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