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How to get the precise Cloud capabilities you need — affordably

Customized Cloud Computing Services

When you find a Cloud services provider who’s able to precisely design and customize Cloud capabilities to address your organization’s unique needs, you can begin down the path to achieving the flexibility, scalability, cost reductions, efficiencies, redundancy , and disaster recovery protections you need. And you can do it without overspending on overcapacity.

In particular, a services provider who will customize your Cloud services can address your security concerns with an over-arching services contract and service-level agreement (SLA) that’s explicitly written for your business.

Here at Quest, we have a name for this kind of SLA: QuestFlex ®. With QuestFlex®, you specify your own requirements, ranging from virtualization, Cloud services, storage, servers, network equipment, and VoIP all the way to the complex application environments that power your entire enterprise.

QuestFlex® SLA - Integrated Technology Management Solution

QuestFlex® is set up to incorporate your business’s particular, unique requirements, including…

  • How security is achieved
  • Levels of privacy protection
  • Where your data is located
  • Details of how your data and co-tenancy are managed (if you opt for a shared- tenancy environment)
  • Who owns the data
  • What data controls are in place
  • How your data will be restored in event of disaster
  • How long before your processes are up and running again
  • Who at the Cloud services provider has what sort of access to my data

What’s more, a customized QuestFlex® SLA qualifies as an operating expense — not a capital expenditure. It’s the best way to tailor the Cloud to the needs — and the budget — of your business.

Meet the Author
Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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