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How to find out if DaaS is right for your business — part 1 of 2

Free Desktop as Service (DaaS) Proof of Concept by Quest

For those who are ready to explore Desktop-as-a-Service, it’s worthwhile to find a DaaS-competent Cloud services provider who is willing to work with you to conduct a no-cost DaaS Proof-Of-Concept at your premises using you applications, data, and devices — and involving your employees.

There really is no other way to learn what your business can get from DaaS. A free DaaS Proof-of-Concept will help you understand very concretely how DaaS will work for your employees and what they’ll get from it. Using an iPad as part of your DaaS Proof-Of-Concept can be a wow! experience.

At Quest, we do a free DaaS Proof-Of-Concept as a two-step process, starting with an hour-long Webex meeting to discuss your specific needs and to gather information about your IT environment.

Our Proof-of-Concept itself goes on for 10 days and uses your own end-point devices — like that iPad, or PCs or Macs — to connect from your location. During the Proof-Of-Concept, we test various protocols and put your applications and use-cases through their paces.

This is a great way for you to get actual, real-world experience with Desktop-as-a-Service, including how it works with shared drives, Outlook/Exchange, and your applications.

Next time: How to find out if DaaS is right for your business — part 2 …

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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