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Automating network performance: 6 key capabilities

Capabilities to look out for in a Network Performance Monitoring Provider

The right network management capabilities will provide the feedback you need to eliminate bottlenecks and IT failures while also enabling your network’s ability to deliver data, voice, wireless, Internet, and video services.

Which is why adequate performance management , trending and capacity planning , protocol analysis/ fault isolation , and onsite/remote network health monitoring have become so essential.

Important as it is, however, monitoring and managing your network is classic commodity IT: Essential but not unique to your business — and sufficiently complex that you can’t afford to leave it to amateurs. Kind of like the elevator you use to get to the seventh floor.

So when it comes to automating network performance monitoring and management , often your best bet is to find a reputable, results-oriented service provider with these capabilities:

  1. On-site and/or remote network performance monitoring and management: Proactive, comprehensive management of activity and performance across complex networks, including tracking that can detect anomalies and record overall network performance,
  2. Application monitoring: Optimized visibility, control, and reliable delivery of applications,
  3. Trend and capacity planning: Analysis of usage patterns and trends to optimize existing capacity,
  4. Fault isolation/prevention: Performance issues pre-emptively spotted and corrected,
  5. Service-level management: Service delivery ensured by proactive identification and correction of potential disruptions,
  6. Custom reporting: Statistical, logging, and graphical data used to analyze patterns, activities, and potential vulnerabilities.
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