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What audio visual equipment does your organization need?

When you consider today’s revolutionary audio visual (AV) technologies, it is best to think of these products and systems as communications tools. As I’m sure you are aware, good communication is one of the keys to success in business, and modern AV technology can help you strengthen relationships inside your organization, build stronger ties with clients, and extend your reach to potential new business.

So what solutions are best for your business? Here are some ideas.

Run the Best Meetings

The right teleconferencing audio visual equipment can help your internal team communicate more efficiently and lead to increased productivity. Good meetings have always been a crucial element of every successful business, and recently the meaning of the word “meeting” has changed dramatically. More and more, we bring our teams together from various remote locations. We visit with clients in our respective teleconference rooms or via virtual meeting applications.

With the correct audio visual equipment, these virtual meetings can be as good or better than what we used to think of as the real thing. That is something you can control by equipping your team with the right communications tools. As with every important infrastructure spend, it is critical that you get equipment specifically tailored to your organization’s needs, rather than adjusting your procedures and standards to fit the wrong technological solution. You will also want to keep security in mind when designing your virtual meeting spaces and processe

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Design for Efficiency and Productivity

If you are creating or rebuilding a teleconference space, boardroom, classroom or huddle room, again, consider having it custom designed and equipped. It is generally wise to bring in expert help right from the start—from designing the space itself to choosing microphones, cameras, and speakers. It will be worth it in the long run to let a team of experts set up your Wi-Fi, software, and apps.

Your needs will depend on the size of your team and the number of your locations. You may need one, two, or three wall-mounted monitors or perhaps desktop monitors deployed in various offices. One straightforward yet almost transformative tool is multiview technology. This allows your teleconference monitors to display inputs from multiple sources—the benefits of that simple feature are obvious.

All of these fast-evolving audio visual hardware and software technologies can also equip you to create impressive presentations for clients and other stakeholders—far superior to anything previously possible.

Project your Company’s Value

What we think of today as digital signage first appeared in the Ridley Scott/Michael Douglas film “Black Rain,” released in 1989 and set in a future that looks a bit like the present. In the film, the digital ads target Douglas’ character by name as he walks past. While that kind of personalized functionality has not yet arrived, digital ads of today look even better than those in the movie.

Digital signage technology can deliver your messaging with unprecedented clarity and precision. This is largely due to hardware and software improvements, including dazzling breakthroughs in OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology. As a result of its proven power to drive engagement, the global digital signage market is expected to nearly double by 2028 to $37 billion.

OLED technology, works by placing a layer of organic electroluminescent material into the display to produce eye-popping resolution. It is now affordable for many organizations to create video walls— impressively large multi-screen presentations. Video wall processors, which can split a single video into multiple outputs so carefully that a multi-screen display is virtually seamless, could allow your organization to create a lasting impression.

Connect with Powerful Communication Tools

In almost every aspect of audio visual services, recent technological breakthroughs have made these powerful communications tools more affordable. They are being adopted in almost every industry, so it’s likely your competitors are taking advantage of this opportunity.

In retail, hospitality, and leisure, interactive displays and presentation systems are becoming commonplace. Zero-touch and integrated room controls are revolutionizing the way offices work, creating new spaces that allow for more efficient collaboration while saving energy. Room scheduling software and divisible spaces quite simply make it possible for more work to get done with less effort.

To fully take advantage of this opportunity to ratchet up your communications game on every level—or simply get the AV tech solutions appropriate to your specific needs—consider taking stock of your current situation. It’s likely that you will find that a turnkey audio visual services agreement will help you accelerate quickly and cost-effectively.

I hope you found this information helpful. As always, contact us anytime about your technology needs.

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