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4 Capabilities to Look For in an IT Staffing Company

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When it comes to choosing a firm to help with your IT staffing efforts, it’s important to remember that some IT staffing firms do a better job than others. Here’s what you have a right to expect:

1. An IT staffing company should be able to help you strategically plan your IT hiring
This involves a thorough examination of budget priorities, workloads, the skillsets of current team members, and future projects — all with an eye on flexibly meeting both your short- and long-term goals. Look for an IT staffing company that helps you determine what types of special skills you need for your IT projects, the best mix of permanent IT staff and contractors, when you’ll see workload spikes, etc.

2. An IT staffing company should understand technology trends and requirements
Specialization really matters. Only an in-the-trenches information technology provider will be able to tell you in realistic and granular terms what IT skills you’ll need and when. Look for an IT staffing firm with account representatives and recruiters with deep insight and insider knowledge about what’s going on in IT markets as well as emerging technologies.

3. An IT staffing company should bring you top IT talent that’s been scrupulously vetted
Look for an IT staffing company with:

  • Abundant IT industry connections and an extensive network of IT professionals
  • A team of dedicated technical recruiters equipped with the best screening tools — including a thorough interview, reference, and background checking process that ensures you see only those candidates with the technical knowledge, experiences, attitudes, and aptitudes you seek
  • An ability to conduct searches for permanent IT staff, contractors or consultants based on the needs you identify using an automated resume retrieval system — so you get the IT skills you need in timely fashion
  • An awareness of — and appreciation for — your organization’s unique culture, so that the IT talent brought to you will fit well into it

4. An IT staffing company should be committed to excellence in customer service
This means sustaining a long-term business relationship with you and maintaining a commitment to personable and ethical business practices. Look for an IT staffing company whose account reps work to understand your business, your technology requirements, and your corporate culture — and can promptly provide well-qualified candidates.

As the need for top IT professionals intensifies, the right IT & technical staffing agency like Quest — the one you can trust — will save you time, hassle and money. After all, this is no time to get caught in the gap between today’s growing demand for real IT talent and the tightening supply.

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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