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3 Ways to Keep Up on the Road Ahead

Road Ahead article

Fifty years after the creation of the internet and 20 years into the 21st century, IT is changing fast — perhaps faster than ever before.

Information technologies are not only altering how, why, and by whom data gets handled and transported, these technologies continue to inspire whole new business models capable of upending entire economic sectors.

That means keeping up with IT is essential if you want your business to stay competitive. So what does it take, really, to “keep up” with the information technologies that your organization depends on even as these same technologies may threaten its ability to survive in the usual manner?

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  1. You need to understand which technologies are critical to your business’s ability to perform well, and why — and if you understand a bit about how those technologies actually do what they do, all the better.
  2. You need to pay attention to how the technologies critical to your business are expected to evolve — and then think about how these evolutions may impact your business and when. What new benefits might you see? What new risks might you face? What new types of competition might be spawned?
  3. You need to realize that no matter how much attention you pay to transforming information technologies, you’ll never know enough.

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