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3 ways to accelerate the DaaS conversation with customers

Making a decision to change how desktops are managed can be a little scary. After all, what if it doesn’t work as advertised.

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At Quest, we’ve developed three ways to address this, all free to your customers:

  1. Free DaaS Proof-of-Concept
    For your customers who are ready to explore DaaS, we have a free DaaS Proof-Of-Concept , which will help your customers understand very concretely how DaaS will work for them and what they’ll get from it. You’ll find that your customers can be wowed when they do the Proof-Of-Concept with, say, an iPad.
    Our DaaS Proof-Of-Concept is a two-step process, starting with an hour-long Webex meeting to discuss your customer’s specific needs and gather information. The Proof of Concept itself goes on for 10 days and uses your customer’s own end-point devices — like that iPad, or PCs or Macs — to connect from their location. During the Proof-Of-Concept, we test various protocols and put your customer’s applications and use-cases through their paces. This is a great way for your customer to get actual, real-world experience with Desktop-as-a-Service, including how it works with shared drives, Outlook/Exchange, and applications.
  2. Free VDI Data Collection/AssessmentFor those customers who have begun to understand that they may benefit from virtualization, we can do a free virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) assessment.
    With a VDI assessment, we identify the resources needed to migrate your customer’s applications to a virtual environment. Your customer won’t spend a lot of time dealing with a Quest VDI assessment. It’s a low-impact effort in which we establish a critical application list, then use up to 10 workstations at your customer’s site to capture data for 7-10 days. Once completed, we review and analyze that data — and together with you we present it to your customer, along with a variety of virtualization options, including recommendations about how to move forward.
  3. Free Cloud Feasibility Assessment
    Finally, for those who are ready to see what Cloud services can give them, we offer a free Cloud Feasibility Assessment. This helps start a discussion with your customers about how they can benefit from the Cloud.

We’ll come along with you so we can identify which of your customer’s IT capabilities can be moved to the Cloud. During this time, we’ll determine the level of service availability your customer needs, as well as their security, privacy, and compliance requirements. And we’ll make recommendations concerning your customer’s best Cloud options.

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Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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