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Why you should sell Desktops as a Service

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The first reason is crystal clear: Because your customers want it. A LOT — and right now. In the last six months at Quest, we’ve added thousands of DaaS seats across more than 50 new customers.

This shows DaaS to be a hot topic — which makes it, so to speak, a foot in your customer’s door.

Quest offers DaaS with a free, well-supported Proof-of-Concept (which I’ll describe in more detail in my next blog). This creates an effective Try-and-Buy model that easily serves as a “pilot.” So your customers can start out small and broaden their commitment to DaaS as their experience and comfort levels increase.
So DaaS enables you to launch a recurring revenue stream with each customer to whom you sell Quest’s DaaS service. And because reverting away from DaaS is costly, your DaaS customers will not only stick around, they will return to you for additional Cloud-based infrastructure and services.What’s more, Quest’s version of Desktop-as-a-Service means that your customers can work with you and us to customize how DaaS happens — whatever sort of software, storage, and access works best for them. And they avoid the upfront costs and complexity of traditional desktop virtualization — including, if they choose, running a help desk.

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 Next time I’ll describe Quest’s three ways to accelerate customer interest in DaaS — each of which gives your customers something of real value for free …

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Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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