Edge Compute and Data Center Services


With our managed data center service, companies can reduce operational costs and improve technical performance.

Running your own data center offers financial and technical challenges.

After all, you're managing competing demands such as virtualization, mobile computing, remote workers, the Internet of Things (IoT), the storage and analysis of data, and the ever-present cybersecurity threats. It can get expensive and time-consuming, but you can change that with Quest's flexible, customizable Edge Compute and colocation Data Center Services.

Reap the benefits of a data center on your terms

Quest’s secure Data Center services are available across North America and around the world through our global network of leading-edge Service Delivery Centers (SDCs). With Quest Edge Compute, your organization can have all of the advantages of customized storage, delivered anywhere and anytime to suit your ever-evolving needs. You’ll quickly see why Quest is the perfect data center service provider for your operation.

Co-location services at Quest’s SDCs feature customized cabinet and cage solutions, giving you the power to significantly reduce the expense and complexity of your private data center operations while reaping the benefits of a leading-edge facility. With Quest, you can improve your data center's technical performance and have highly-trained expert engineers monitoring your data center environment 24/7.

Quest's SDCs provide highly redundant and resilient power supply, not only for your systems but for the temperature-controlled space in which they reside as well. Prefer for us to bring the cloud to you? Quest Edge Compute services can help you transition away from central data centers when and if your volume demands increase. An ideal option for organizations that need Elastic Computing (EC2)-compatible services, Edge Compute provides you with the support of a complete IT service provider and unmatched scalability.

Leverage economies of scale for many of today's data center necessities

Lower your company's data center operational costs and improve its technical performance by locating your systems in a Quest SDC. You can easily customize the space and services your organization needs to optimize your data center operations. And when your organization is ready to elevate its approach to data storage and management, Edge Compute services for data centers are an exceptionally well-suited next step.

Quest’s Service Delivery Centers include:

  • Hosting, Cloud and Managed Services including Infrastructure as a Service, Desktop as a Service, Platform as a Service, Data Protection, Security, Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity, Video Conferencing, Collaboration, and Application Hosting, Development, and Testing
  • IT Operations Services that encompass the monitoring and management of networks, servers, applications, and security to ensure proper integration and seamless functioning of your IT assets and operations
  • Business Resumption Center capabilities that meet or exceed standards, so your business can continue operations after a disruption
  • Co-location facilities for organizations who elect to locate IT assets in secure, environmentally-controlled conditions
  • Elastic consumption-based use, as well as elastic hosting for workloads and products
  • Better control over your resources and the ability to use your business objectives as the guiding force for your production and disaster recovery sites

Quest’s Service Delivery Centers Specs:

24/7 support, monitoring, and remote hands • SSAE 18 compliant; SOC 1, 2, and 3 • Redundant power supplies and power backup • ISO-certified data centers • Operational excellence in ITIL and NIST frameworks • HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, FINRA, NERC, and NCUA compliant • Geo redundancy • Robust, multiple network connectivity services • Ability to handle bandwidth bursts on demand • Advanced network and physical security • Fire suppression capabilities • Extensive security monitoring • Layered security zones • Physical barriers

Where can you find Quest's Service Delivery Centers?

Quest’s SDCs are located across three continents. Need another location? We can build a facility in the location you wish. With Quest Edge Compute, we can meet you anywhere and adjust the services on demand.

A map of where Quest's Service Delivery Centers are located

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Management

Is your business prepared to withstand a disaster? Survival depends on preparedness and a strategy for data recovery is imperative.

Should a disaster occur, you will need to locate immediate, temporary office space and equipment, make arrangements for supplies and deliveries, transfer telephone lines, and more. How quickly could your organization resume business operations after a disaster?

Our data center managed services can help you with disaster recovery and business resumption planning.

Quest’s High Availability Business Center (HABC) and Business Resumption Center (BRC) are our two flagship Service Delivery Centers and ideal sites for Disaster Recovery and Business Resumption. Both locations offer the most advanced fiber optic cable, redundant broadband, and power infrastructures available. They are strategically located in seismically stable and secure areas well above the floodplain, clear of mudslides or forest fires, and far enough inland to be sheltered from extreme weather.

With over 120,000 square feet of open floor space, customers can tailor space of any size to meet their specific needs – high availability office space, data center, and business resumption. This allows companies to establish a permanent on-site presence and take full advantage of the proximity to these centers' redundant bandwidth and power capabilities.

Your organization shouldn’t be subjected to the whims of a public cloud provider when it comes to disaster recovery, production, and other necessities. When you partner with Quest, you can regain control and position your business objectives as the top priority.

A short drive from any major Northern California metropolitan area and a 30-minute drive from Sacramento International Airport, Quest's HABC and BRC offer a broad range of additional features, which makes them the ultimate business continuity management package:

  • Varied office environments, from smaller, shared spaces to larger, campus-like settings
  • Workstations, phones, call center services
  • Dual-distributed utility power feeds, multiple diesel generators, and distributed redundant design ensures continual power backup
  • Advanced fiber optic infrastructure including eight top network providers with a diverse underground entry
  • 24/7 security and network operations support and monitoring
  • Fully-appointed command and control centers with adjacent data cells and robust network equipment

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