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What to Look for in a Technology Staffing Services Provider

Technology Staffing Services Provider by Quest

Finding the technology skillsets you need when you need them is getting tougher all the time, as my last post attests. If you’re like many enterprises, you’re engaging more than one staffing service in hopes of ending staff deficits.

So here’s my advice about what to look for in a technology staffing services provider:

Fast response…

The ability to quickly get people with the right skills to start working on your project or as a hired member of your team is critical.

Being able to ramp up fast with the right staff additions means you can respond in very timely ways to issues and emergencies as well as power speedy upgrade, migration, or development project turnarounds.

…even for large projects

And it’s not just about being able to quickly send a person or two in a timely fashion. Look for a technology staffing services provider that can help you kick-start larger projects that call for, say, 50 engineers — encompassing a wide variety of technology skillsets and certifications, every one highly proficient — to be on board within a month.

Based on effective technical screening…

Nor do you want just anyone showing up at your door. That means one of the most important things a technology staffing services provider can do is conduct technical screening of candidates with great care and diligence.

Beyond interviews: can your staffing service walk the walk?

Technical screening based on interview tests and quizzes are fine — as far as they go. But an even better way to be sure a candidate is right for a certain slot is to work with them on real projects in the real world.

For instance, a technology staffing services provider that also offers managed services , cloud services , and a wide-ranging, leading-edge professional services portfolio emphasizing technology customization certainly knows how to recognize information technology talent and expertise.

In fact, this sort of integrated technology staffing/technology consulting services provider can maintain a well-rounded stable of highly competent people with leading-edge technology skill sets because it offers these people a diverse range of professional services project possibilities.

What’s more, such a provider understands technology trends and nitty-gritty requirements with the sort of granular insight only an in-the-trenches technology consulting services provider has.

Starting and staying with your business goals

You benefit when that same long-term experience as a provider of customized technology consulting services informs conversations about your staffing requirements — conversations that always center on your strategic business goals and how to fulfill them.

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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