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Essentials to business disaster preparedness — #2: Use data loss prevention technology

Data Loss Prevention Solutions

If you don’t know much about your data, backing it up can be a challenge . Important data can be missed if it’s been squirreled away in some obscure location. And corrupted and/or hacked data can be taken as legitimate, backed up, and given an opportunity to re-infect other data and apps.

Fortunately, it’s a challenge that can be met with data loss prevention solutions that…

  • Inventory your sensitive data and discover where it resides. The right DLP capability can sift through file servers, databases, documents, email, and Web content to discover sensitive data wherever it resides and tag it so it can be tracked wherever it goes.
    Thanks to advanced detection technologies, DLP can accurately analyze both the content and context of data, making data leakage prevention truly affordable.
  • Manage and enforce security policies. DLP makes it possible to manage and apply security policies across the enterprise, reducing burdens on IT staff while boosting compliance. For instance, solid DLP solutions automatically encrypt sensitive data to regulatory and compliance standards, and those focused on data in motion come with on-board email encryption that integrates with leading encryption services.
    This ability to manage not just security policy but also security enforcement is especially important, given the proliferation of employee communication venues (e.g., email, IM, the Web, social media), work locations, and devices, some of which are employee-owned and inevitably used for personal activities.
  • Monitor and regulate how sensitive data gets used, moved, and stored. With DLP, you’ll not only gain visibility into policy violations, you’ll be able to automatically enforce policies and compliance (and get employees to behave when it comes to data use).

Next time: Making a business continuity plan that works.

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