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Essentials to business disaster preparedness — #1: Back up your data and know how to recover it if lost

Data Recovery and Backup Solutions

I can hear it now: A chorus of “Duh!”

And yes, “ back up your data ” is pretty obvious. But some of the details that go into it are not. So here they are:

  • Know about your data. (as well as those applications that may be difficult to reconstruct should you lose them) — what you have, where it is, who “owns” it, how important it is. And don’t forget email.
  • Choose backup/replication options that are highly reliable, highly available, highly secure, easy to scale, and straightforward to monitor. Whether or not you decide to back up your data locally, it’s imperative that you replicate critical data to a secure remote location.
    Cloud-based real-time backup replication services offer an affordable way to back up ever-changing data almost as fast as your employees create or modify it. But sometimes affordability comes at the expense of reliability, so be sure to choose a trusted provider who fields a truly resilient cloud environment.
    The right service provider can integrate real-time data replication, secure data storage, and quick-restore capabilities that cost 50%-to-60% less than most older alternatives. And the right service provider will be happy to invite you to look over their Service Delivery Centers.
  • Appoint a “Backup Czar”. This should be someone who will make sure your backups actually happen and that what’s been backed up can be recovered. This means testing the backup/recovery process so you know it works smoothly — something the right service provider will happily help you do.

Next time: Keeping an eye on your data.

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