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Unified Communications (UCaaS) and Carrier Solutions Conversation

Unified Communications (UCaaS) and Carrier Solutions Conversation

Review your company’s current communications, assess your carrier services lines and internet service, and receive recommendations specific to your organization.

Quest Technology’s UCaaS and Carrier Solutions Conversation will:

Assess Your Current UCaaS and Carrier Services Toplogy

During the evolution of your company, you may have amassed a disparate network of voice solutions and a plethora of carrier companies who send you bills. An acquisition or growth of a site may have resulted in a patch-work of phone systems, vintage products, applications that do not meet your needs, and an expensive increase in carrier invoices without your knowledge. You may have systems that are not integrated with your business and an ever-growing number of employees using rogue voice and video applications. You may not be aware of current FCC compliance laws as they pertain to E911, PII, PCI, and HIPAA, which may leave your company vulnerable and at increased risk.

Assess your Voice and Carrier Topology

Along with all contract and invoice reviews, we offer an optional site survey that will dispatch a technician to your locations for a complete review of your business. We will discover unknown products, identify services, and confirm existing infrastructure.

Recommend Unified Solution

Tailored to your organization, our recommendations will address and prioritize your unified communication and carrier services needs, requirements, and goals. Recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Unified Communications
  • Carrier Solutions
  • FCC Compliance requirements
  • Unified Applications Voice/Video

Prepare Your Organization For The Future

The path to a business that is unified starts with a conversation about your existing UC and carrier solutions. Quest Technology’s no-obligation conversation will provide you with an Executive Summary, complete with documentation and actionable recommendations, so you can take the first step toward a more unified business and secure business future.

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Conversation Details:


What works for you and your team? Depending on your availability and requirements, we can meet with you as soon as possible or in the near future.

Recommended Attendee Titles

If you are not the business owner and/or key decision maker, please ensure they are present; business operations/decisions are directly tied to technology requirements for most organizations. We also recommend having these key team-members present:

  • Director of IT or IT Vendor
  • Director of Operations
  • Call Center Manager
  • CTO, CFO, or CEO


The UCaaS and Carrier Solutions conversation can be conducted online or on-site at your location.

Timeline at a Glance

Kickoff Call: Introductions, agenda, request for information such as current topology, carrier services and invoices, overall business communications objectives.

Conversation: Conduct a 1-1.5 hour in-depth company communications analysis. Quest Technology UCaaS and Carrier Solutions will provide your business with an Executive Summary including recommendations and action items.

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