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Opportunity knocks: Customized cloud solutions

Cloud-shaped toolbox with a drawer open. In the drawer the word Data is stacked.

As you move toward providing technology solutions , how your efforts generate revenue changes dramatically. Much of your revenue will come from recurring service-oriented business rather than price- and product-based transactions.

A prime example of this is customized cloud services — what we at Quest call shape-your-own cloud, which takes advantage of the best of public and private clouds.

The difference between customized clouds and public clouds (think Amazon , Google , etc.) is not unlike the difference between transactional and solution-oriented selling: A customized cloud gives customers the advantages of a precise fit with their needs that public clouds don’t, including …

Power over deployment options (local, remote, hybrid)

  • Ability to specify requirements and configurations — from virtualization to complex application environments to integration with existing systems and apps — and dictate exactly how these are provided, maintained, and supported
  • Flexibility to securely deliver apps, data, and/or resources to any location
  • An all-encompassing Service Level Agreement (SLA) to make management easier and keep costs under control

Various surveys indicate that within a few years, 75-90% of solution-seeking customers will use cloud services. At Quest, we see growing demand for customized clouds and believe customer need to migrate to the cloud and integrate cloud and non-cloud IT capabilities will be a major driver of future business.

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Adam Burke is Quest's Vice President of Sales and Partnerships.
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