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Quest helps sustain Pearce Services’ high performance

“We strive to make our customers’ networks as resilient as possible, and we were looking for a partner to help ensure our own network is equally resilient,” says Robert Goedrich, Director of IT at Pearce Services, LLC.

Headquartered in Paso Robles, CA, Pearce Services provides repair, maintenance, engineering, installation, and expansion solutions for the mission-critical infrastructure of leading wireline and wireless telecommunications carriers, broadband providers, OEMs, railroads, utilities, and asset owners.

Pearce Services is also a registered first response group, arriving right behind fire and emergency vehicles to re-establish communications for essential disaster personnel.

“We’re not a typical business,” Robert notes. “Our customer requirements demand that we literally operate call centers on a 24 x 7 x 365 schedule.”

Beyond high performance: planning for the future

Delivering high performance levels to its customers is a must for Pearce Services, and the company demands equally high performance from its partners.

“We combed through a fairly massive list of vendors, did numerous site visits, and had many conversations before selecting Quest,” says Robert. “It was critical for our partner to understand how we need to operate, especially on our networking infrastructure objectives.”

Robert and his team had other must-haves, too, including a partner with a national reach and an international footprint, technical expertise, and depth of networking experience.

Quest checked all those boxes. But Pearce Services wanted even more — and found it after several what-if conversations with Quest personnel.

“Not many vendors are comfortable with what-if scenarios,” Robert recalls. “But Quest quickly demonstrated that this was one of their core competencies. We saw that Quest isn’t just a break-fix organization like so many others. Quest helps you plan for the road ahead.”

Moving to Quest’s HABC: the benefits of cost-sharing

Quest began by helping Pearce Services migrate numerous core systems from various locations across the country, redirecting that traffic to Quest’s High Availability Business Center (HABC).

“Quest helped us rationalize our network infrastructure, reorganizing multiple spiderwebs that we’d bridged together into one cohesive network,” Robert says. “That has made our disaster and outage response quicker and more efficient.”

The move to Quest’s HABC also brought enhanced security, bandwidth, and availability. “And we gain the benefits of cost-sharing.”

“Quest helps you plan for the road ahead.”


QCP and staying on “the good side” of CCPA

Another winning attribute is the way the Quest Cloud Platform® (QCP), operates. “QCP is private, not some carve-out of AWS or Google,” Robert explains. “QCP makes it easy for us to entirely isolate and protect our many privileged connections to systems not available to the public while closely controlling the level of access available to our users.”

Controlling and protecting access to data, he notes, is taking on new dimensions, thanks to the recently enacted California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which, at this stage, “has a fairly wide net.” That’s why Pearce Services brought in Quest for a CCPA workshop.

“We spent several hours proactively doing things at Quest’s suggestion that will keep us on the good side of CCPA,” he says. “The fact that Quest was ready to respond to our request for CCPA help shows their ability to be forward-looking.”

Understanding the art of respectfully pushing back

Robert has high praise for Quest team members he’s worked with, including Account Manager Phil Ostrowski, Technical Consultant Dave Montano, and Service Manager Laurie Henry.

“Quest’s people are proactive and willing to offer alternative solutions and ideas, which sets them apart from most vendors I’ve worked with whose reluctance or inability to do that has always troubled me. Quest gives me the benefit of their experience and expertise and lets me know if they think the direction I’m taking is not the most ideal. They understand the art of respectfully pushing back, and I deeply appreciate it.”

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Robert Goedrich, Director of IT at Paso Robles, CA-based Pearce Services, LLC, details why his firm turned to Quest for help rationalizing its 24 x 7 x 365 infrastructure – and for advice about the road forward.

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