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What a Shape-Your-Own Cloud provides

What a Customized Cloud Solution Can Offer Your Business
If you find yourself chafing against the limitations (and risks) of public clouds, it’s probably worth a moment of your time to stick around and find out about what I call shaping your own Cloud .

By shaping your own Cloud, you’ll get…

  • Modest cost — because you’re accessing pooled resources, but only the resources you need (on demand) when you need them (measured service),
  • Rapid, elastic provisioning of those resources — because they reside on a sophisticated infrastructure designed to automate configuration and provide broad network access,
  • The ability to customize the precise capabilities you need so you get the Cloud services you want how you want them – including ways that enable you to keep using and deriving value from your existing systems and applications, and
  • The power to choose and even combine Cloud deployment options, to ensure your IT environment is as efficient, productive, and affordable as possible.

And what are those deployment options? In fact, Shape-Your-Own Clouds can be deployed in several ways that can be combined in many ways, depending on what your organization needs and can afford…

  • Local Cloud services can be deployed on your premises or hosted on a secure, dedicated (non-shared) single-tenant infrastructure,
  • Remote Cloud services, a multi-tenant deployment in a secure unified virtual architecture, use trusted logical separation and private or VPN connectivity to protect your services, data, and communications, and/or
  • Hybrid Cloud services, a massive multi-tenant, Internet-based deployment, are designed for discrete non-core applications.

Next time, I’ll explain just how far it’s possible to take Shape-Your-Own Cloud customization.

Meet the Author
Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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