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Beware of FUD

Combine Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt — and you get FUD, which has been on my mind lately because it so often involves attempts to thwart adoption of newly-emerging, better solutions. Consider these two tales of FUD:

The first tale, from the late 1880s, is often referred to as the War of Currents. It’s about a powerful group of direct current (DC) supporters who fought fiercely against the new, more cost-effective alternating current (AC) with a range of FUD stunts, from electrocuting animals to building the first electric chair. DC’s supporters eventually lost — because FUD can slow, but not stop, real progress.

The second tale is a contemporary one involving Cloud Services — and, sadly, concerns the same techniques used during the War of Currents: FUD.

Cloud can reduce IT spend without loss of capability (or security). Cloud can even streamline what IT can do for a business. That inexorable reality has some upset enough to try to scare folks away from Cloud Services so they’ll stick with costly, arcane solutions.

If marketing chatter is making you unsure, talk to a trusted technology adviser to understand your options. Don’t let your plans succumb to FUD.

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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