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4 reasons for the hybrid Cloud of your dreams

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As you spend more and more time using Cloud-delivered services , applications, and data, odds are you’ll end up interested in a hybrid Cloud environment that can be deployed in ways that quite specifically meet your organization’s needs, both business-wise and budget-wise.

If your experience has been limited to public Clouds, you’ll need to tread carefully into the realm of hybrids because, by definition, hybrid Clouds are customized. Very quickly, you’ll come to understand that the success of your hybrid Cloud greatly depends on its customizer.

When it comes to a hybrid Cloud, you face some business-critical decisions about what should be public and what should be private. And you’ll need an expert who can advise you about the technical implications of your business needs and decisions.
So it’s worth your time to find a Cloud provider with expertise and experience that spans private Clouds and public Clouds and can deliver a Cloud environment that…

  1. Provisions resources rapidly and elastically regardless of their location or source — because your hybrid Cloud infrastructure must handle interoperability and workload portability issues,
  2. Addresses risks related to multi-tenancy and external threats with security best practices, including appropriate access control models, authentication capabilities (e.g., single sign-on), performance monitoring, data backup/recovery/continuity, admin and data integrity policy, etc.,
  3. Can easily scale both private Cloud and public Cloud resources up and out so you can respond fast to the changing needs of the business and ensure your IT environment is as efficient, productive, and affordable as possible, and
  4. Reduces costs — because you’re making the best use of both public and private Cloud models.

Next time, I’ll get into hybrid Cloud service-level agreements (SLAs)…

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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