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3 Big Things your business gets from DaaS

Benefits and Advantages of Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

It’s great that, with the right Cloud service provider , Desktop-as-a-Service can fit nicely into just about any IT environment. But what does it do for the business?

DaaS does 3 Big Things, each with bottom-line impact:

  1. DaaS delivers a great user experience
    Because DaaS provides your employees with a full desktop experience on any device anywhere, their productivity improves. DaaS also makes mobility both easier to accomplish and safer, because DaaS keeps every one of your organization’s desktops and all the data residing on them much more secure. And DaaS is ideal for employee BYOD — Bring Your Own Device.
  2. DaaS lowers your cost of ownership
    Compared to traditional desktop and on-premises virtual desktop infrastructures [VDI], DaaS costs less — and you can deploy it fast without incurring any up-front capital expense or committing to a complicated systems integration project.
  3. DaaS enables the Cloud to relieve tedious, labor-intensive management hassles
    DaaS lets you escape all kinds of desktop management tasks — and the time and expenses that go with them. No more upgrades and patching. No all-nighters when it’s time to add an app. No more help desk hassles.

To find out just how DaaS will work in your business, look for a DaaS service provider who is willing and able to do a free DaaS Proof-of-Concept at your organization with your employees. You can start small — and then quickly and effortlessly scale up or down. And you can quickly reduce deployment complexity while improving management, security, and compliance . . .

Coming up: Signs of a need for DaaS …

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Tim Burke is the President and CEO of Quest. He has been at the helm for over 30 years.
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