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EPaaS and Cybersecurity Workshop

Are you able to confidently say that every endpoint in your network is properly secured?

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Better Understand Your Security Posture

Schedule a Conversation With Our Team of Cybersecurity Experts.

Your cybersecurity conversation can easily be hosted either virtually or in-person at your location and is designed to help you better understand where any potential vulnerabilities and risks may exist within your systems and how to remedy them. We’ll provide you with an assessment summary that includes comprehensive recommendations to improve your organization’s overall cybersecurity and risk posture, including considerations for endpoint protection.

  • Do you know what your vulnerabilities are?
  • Do you know how to recover from a cyberattack?
  • Do you know how to ensure that your network is in fact secure at every endpoint?

Don’t let your business become the latest victim of cybercrime!

Lets Have a Conversation

  • Lets Have a Conversation

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If you were asked to identify every endpoint on your network, how long would it take you?

A massive rise in remote work and bring your own device (BYOD) practices, among other factors, have fueled a new level of interest in making access to data more fluid.

But with every additional endpoint comes another vulnerability, and centralized network protection is falling severely short of changing network security needs. According to Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR), approximately 70% of security breaches are carried out by external actors. This means that for businesses of all types and sizes, endpoint security should be a top priority in an effective cybersecurity plan.

Don’t let your business become the latest victim of cybercrime

Prioritize effective cybersecurity protection to adequately mitigate today’s escalating security threats.

Our personalized review will help you assess your current level of cybersecurity, identify unknown vulnerabilities recommend corrective actions, and prepare your organization for the future.

Experience customized, continuous monitoring with Quest’s Endpoint Protection as a Service (EPaaS)

Quest and Cisco give you the advantage of customized, continuous monitoring and rapid responses. When you choose an option that makes the most of advanced technologies like machine learning and predictive AI, you can take a proactive role in keeping your business safe from those with malicious intent. Additionally, because EPaaS gives you exceptional flexibility, you can set up a service that addresses your situation, budget, and other non-negotiables.

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Quest's security experts can identify and assess your security posture and uncover solutions to correct areas of weakness

What you’ll gain from your conversation with Quest

An assessment summary of your current cybersecurity posture Gauge your level of vulnerability to multiple types of threats. We’ll review your existing security measures and/or compliance requirements to determine your unique risk factors.

A list of recommended corrective actions Tailored to your organization, our recommendations will address and prioritize your security concerns, requirements, and goals. Recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Tech configurations
  • Compliance requirements
  • Security policy
  • Resource optimization

Identified vulnerabilities that were once unknown
Along with document and policy review, we offer an optional Vulnerability Scan and/or Firewall Review that reveals unknown vulnerabilities such as poor or nonexistent monitoring, weak firewall rules, and system misconfigurations.

Everything you need to prepare your organization for the future
Quest's Cybersecurity Discovery Session provides your business with complete documentation and actionable recommendations so you can take the first step toward a more confident and secure business future.

With a reputation for maturity, reliability, and distinctive depth of talent, Quest has earned its place among the nation’s leading Technology Integrators. How can we help?

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Global Reach Quest operates a network of 24/7 Service Delivery Centers (SDCs) across North America, Europe, and Asia. All Quest SDCs meet the highest possible safety and security standards.

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QuestFlex® For one monthly price, you can ensure that your IT services are provided, maintained, and supported. That means faster time-to-market, easier scalability, and higher performance, reliability, and security, for your business - that’s QuestFlex.

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Commitment to Customization Quest offers a wide-range of customized IT services emphasizing vendor-neutral solutions, and an ability to respond quickly with impressive depth of expertise.

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Comprehensive Quality Processes Quest’s continuing investment in infrastructure, quality frameworks, and rigorous client satisfaction assessments has produced a solid track record of project execution within budget.

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