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Log4j Compromise Assessment

Take immediate action to safeguard your organization, clients, and data from the potentially devastating effects with a Log4j Compromise Assessment

Rated as a highly critical security threat, Apache Log4j involves a complex range of vulnerabilities that are often extremely difficult to detect. Implementing a continuous and aggressive scanning strategy is the only way to protect your organization from this evolving issue.

Take immediate action to safeguard your organization, clients, and data from the potentially devastating effects of Log4j.

A single vulnerability has put millions of software and web application users at risk, opening the door to a rapidly-growing wave of cyberattacks. When you consider the sweeping implications of Log4j, a concern for your systems’ integrity isn’t just appropriate, it’s absolutely necessary.

Quest is implementing full-scale Log4j Compromised Assessment services to scan your systems at the most granular of levels, so you can have the peace of mind of knowing you’re adequately protected.

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Uncover serious issues that standard scans will overlook.

One of the most alarming aspects of Log4j is its ability to fly under the radar, leaving many organizations unaware that their security has already been compromised. Now isn’t the time to rely on a standard security scan – in this scenario, only a deep dive will be sufficient. Quest’s Log4j Compromised Assessment reviews every single application, vendor, server, and workstation to find any and all vulnerabilities at a component level.

uncover serious issues new
be prepared

Be prepared to face Log4j
now and in the future.

Unfortunately, the battle against Log4j is only just beginning. It is imperative that your organization implement continuous reviews and update security policies to maintain a firm line of defense against this still-developing threat.

evaluate your systems

Evaluate your systems using an established framework from the Center for Internet Security.

Quest has melded our extensive expertise with recommendations provided by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) to develop an effective and targeted approach to combating Log4j. We’ll learn about your needs and goals, then construct an assessment plan that serves your organization accordingly. Depending on your specific requirements, Quest is prepared to implement strategies that include threat hunting, daily analyses against vendor updates, identification of all internet-connected devices, and more.

Benefits of Quest’s Log4j Compromised Assessment

  • A comprehensive evaluation of internal and external networks to pinpoint Log4j vulnerabilities
  • Ongoing monitoring, review, and analysis to ensure unwavering security
  • A thorough examination of all servers, applications, workstations, vendors, and other potential entry points
  • Review of new and existing security policies

Choose a trusted partner to help navigate your organization’s security journey.

The vulnerability being exploited by Log4j isn’t the beginning and end of potential gaps in your security strategy, and a comprehensive approach is key to effective protection. Quest offers an extensive selection of effective, proven solutions to support your goals, providing expertly-tailored services that are as flexible as they are efficient. Whether you’re seeking assistance solely for Log4j or are in need of a complete security overhaul, we’re ready to jump right in.

Apache Log4j may be the subject of significant security concerns right now, but it’s certainly not the only threat facing your organization. Arm yourself with the advantage of an experienced, forward-thinking provider of security and information technology solutions.

Quest is here to serve you: How can we help?®

Our team is ready to help you tackle your biggest security concerns, and a Log4j Compromise Assessment can be an excellent place to start. Learn more about the benefits and our procedures when you contact us today.

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